Hoodoo Explained – Moving Candle Spells

Moving candle spells are one of the most enjoyable spells that I get to perform when clients ask for work done. When you want to bring something in or take something away its always my go to spell type. However there is good reason for this! The first is the easiest for me to explain. There is just something more real about taking candles and moving them in actions representing what you want done. Its something I say often about hoodoo verses other magical traditions is that I feel like I am more involved in the doing of the out come. The next reason is because I get to use figural candles. There are so many amazing candles on the market place today that you may not have really even thought someone could have possibly made such things. Devils, lovers, genitalia (oh my!), skulls, 7-knob, along with crosses, spherical, pyramids, etc. The list goes on and on! So if you look hard enough you can find the symbolic ideal of what your trying to accomplish in a figural candle. The last is simply because it works and it works very well. I’ve had very good success rates with my moving spells and I think that, that speaks all for itself. So lets get into how to setup a moving candle spell.

First lets discuss the spell I had shown for our contest. In our display we had two aims. One was to move a new lover into my clients life. This is represented by the female candle on the right. A petition paper was made asking for specific qualities within his new mate. Important note, make sure to put single and available. This tip comes from Cat Yornwode (of Lucky Mojo) and its the best advice someone can give when making those kinds of lists regardless of tradition.  The second is taking away (or leave behind in this case) what my client believed was holding him back. This was written on a petition paper in which a dressed black candle was set over the top.  When the spell begin his candle (which we loaded with his personal affects to better represent him) was near the black candle and the new love interest was set aside. Before the working began we dressed each candle for its intent. The two red candles were dressed with my own personal Lucky Lodestone oil to bring the two together. The black candle was dressed with Lucky Mojo’s Cast Off Evil Oil. Each day I burned each candle reciting my intentions over the whole working and let them burn for about an hour. Each day I would also move the two people candles closer together. I left the black candle where it was to symbolize him moving away from it and toward what he desired. I did this for 7 days straight until the two people candles met in the middle. I let them melt together into a puddle and around a piece of Star Anise (My client is a dreamer, so i figured I would use the Anise to let him and his new love dream of one another and allow him perhaps a sneak preview of his new lover). Once the candles had burned out (The black candle burned itself entirely to nothing, which is a good sign!) I took the remains of the two lover candles and bundled them in a biodegradable sack and instructed him to bury the candles on his property to keep the energies of the spell near him and to bring his lover to his home so to speak (In these cases, you generally want to bury them by the door you use most often to get into your home). As there was nothing left of the black candle I had nothing to bury else where. We did however have petition paper he used which I instructed him to destroy by fire and then take the ashes to the cross roads where he would disperse it there. (The cross roads can help break down energies and cast things away from you. This paper was specifically negative attributes that he wished to be rid of, so this seemed like a good option).  Now then lets talk basics!

Candle spells like this one are very easy to put together yourself. As much as all of the figural spells and things are great. You can do the same thing with you standard store bought candles. Generally in that case you will carve your candles with names or attributes to help the energies better be identified. You then need to decide if you are bring two things (Or more) together or pulling them apart. Have a crappy job and want to find a new one? Consider a three candled spell where you write your old job on one, your new job on another and a third candle of yourself, moving from one to the next. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

As always I like to thank those who put in their contest entries. Its really neat to be able to do these kinds of contests. We may do them in the future but for right now sadly, they will have to go on hold until funds present themselves for extras like this. Luckily, my own money workings have kept me doing for the necessities. If however anyone wishes to donate their time or products to the contests, I’ll be glad to speak with you and we can arrange a contest to your liking!


P.S. Thank you Mister Hob for your donation of a reading! Thank you readers for reading!

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